Małgorzata Moczurad

Ph.D. thesis (2000): "Syntactic methods for proving typed lambda-calculus properties"
Research interests: lambda calculus, lambda definability, probability in logic, graph algorithms
Long term visits 1991--1992, University of Salford, Great Britain
Position: assistant

Selected publications:

  1. M.Moczurad, "Lambda-Representability of Integer, Word and Tree Functions", Fundamenta Informaticae, 17, 1992.
  2. J. Malolepszy, M. Zaionc, M.Moczurad, "Schwichtenberg Style Lambda Definability is Undecidable", Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 1210, 267-283, 1997
  3. M.Moczurad,  "Some classes of graphs with border vertices", British Colloquium for Theoretical Computer Science, St. Andrews, Szkocja, 1998
  4. J.Tyszkiewicz, M.Zaionc, M.Moczurad, "Statistical Properties of Simple Types", przyjete do Mathematical Structures in Computer Science, 1999