Henryk Telega

Ph.D. thesis (1999):

Parallel algorithms of solving inverse problems.

Research interests:

global optimization, stochastic methods in optimization, parallel and distributed computations, inverse problems, theory of genetic algorithms.


assistant professor

Selected publications:

  1. H. Telega, R. Schaefer, E. Cabib,: A Parallel Genetic Clustering for Inverse Problems. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, no 1541, pp 551-556, Springer Verlag 1998.
  2. H. Telega: Parallel and Distributed Computations in a Parameter Inverse Problem, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, no. 1215, pp 183-197, Springer Verlag, 1997.
  3. Schaefer R., Podstawy genetycznej optymalizacji globalnej, H. Telega – rozdział 6 w książce, 159-226. Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Jagiellońskiego, Kraków 2002.
  4. Telega H., A parallel global optimization algorithm for solving inverse problems, Proc. of 4th International Conference on Inverse Problems in Engineering, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2002
  5. Telega H., Adaptive parallel genetic clustering in parameter inverse problems, In M. Tanaka, G.S. Dulikravich (eds), Inverse Problems in Engineering Mechanics III, Proc. of ISIP2001, Nagano, Japan, 315-324, Elsevier, 2002.