Educational Programs in the Institute of Computer Science

Polish education is based primarily on the following acts of parliament: The Education System Act (Ustawa o systemie oswiaty) of 1991, the Higher Education Act (Ustawa o szkolnictwie wyzszym) of 1990 and the Scholarly Degrees and Titles Act (Ustawa o tytule naukowym i stopniach naukowych) of 1990. These are supplemented with more detailed regulations by the Minister of National Education.

Please visit the Jagiellonian University site for general information on system of Polish education and information for foreign students.

The Institute of Computer Science offers several modern educational programs allowing students to acquire higher education in computer science (within the domain Mathematical Sciences). The forms of studies are following.

The Institute organizes numerous other teaching activities, not directly connected with undergraduate or graduate studies.

The head of the Bachelor of Science program is . The head of the Post-Master Studies specialization Software Engineering is and the specialization Computer Science for School Teachers is directed by .

Starting from 1998 the lab for blind and visually impaired students is open in the Institute. The head of this lab is

Except UIC/JU MS program, the offered courses are taught in Polish, so please continue on Polish version of this page. The English version pages are in preparation.

If you have any questions about the educational programs, please do not hesitate to get in touch with and .