Structure of the Institute

The Institute of Computer Science of Jagiellonian University was established in 1975 out of the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics (actually Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science). The Institute of Computer Science has currently 45 employees with 39 of research faculty members, 3 of administration and 3 of technical staff. The Institute consists of two chairs and three divisions.

Authorities of the Institute

Authorities of the Institute of Computer Science are Institute Council and Board of Directors.

The Institute Council consists of the following persons:

  1. Professor Zdzisław Denkowski
  2. Professor Stanisław Migórski
  3. Professor Marian Mrozek
  4. Professor Marek Skomorowski
  5. Professor Piotr Zgliczyński
  6. Associate Professor Piotr Bugiel
  7. Associate Professor Wit Foryś
  8. Associate Professor Leszek Gasiński
  9. Associate Professor Zbigniew Hajto
  10. Associate Professor Anna Ochal
  11. Associate Professor Marian Jabłoński
  12. Associate Professor Jacek Tabor
  13. Associate Professor Daniel Wilczak
  14. Piotr Kalita, Ph.D.
  15. Adam Roman, Ph.D.
  16. Michał Markiewicz, M.S.

The Board of Directors consits of Director and two Deputy Directors.


Professor Stanisław Migórski
Phone: (+4812) 664 66-42, room. 1151
director's secretary - Phone: (+48 12) 664 66-33, room 1150

Katarzyna Jacher-Śliwczyńska, Ph.D., (e-mail: ).

Deputy directors

for Student Affairs:

Associate Professor Daniel Wilczak
Phone: (+4812) 664 6637, room 1140
E-mail: ,
secretaries for Student Affairs -  room 1138

Aleksandra Cyran, M.S. (e-mail: ), Phone (+4812) 664-7533
Iwona Wojtkiewicz, M.E. (e-mail: ), Phone: (+4812) 664-6628.

for General Affairs:

Associate Professor Marek Skomorowski

Structure of the Institute


Chair of Computational Mathematics
Head: Marian Mrozek, Ph.D.

Chair of Optimization and Control Theory
Head: Stanisław Migórski, Ph.D.


Division of Applied Computer Science
Head: Marek Skomorowski, Ph.D.

Division of Discrete Mathematics
Head: Wit Foryś, Ph.D.

Division of Effective Algebra Methods
Head: Zbigniew Hajto, Ph.D.

Aleksandra Cyran, M.S., Katarzyna Jacher-Śliwczyńska, Ph. D., Iwona Wojtkiewicz, M.E..

Technical staff:
Józef Gajda, Mieczysław Guja, M.S., Andrzej Woch, M.S.