Polish letters

Here, in Poland, we write using latin alphabet, but with 9 extra letters constructed from latin characters by adding dots, slashes, etc. This has caused our programmers many problems, as many so-called "standards" were created, placing this extra letters at different positions in ASCII table. Every computer had its own standard (PCs had several standards). This constituted a big problem when it came to creating WWW servers, and many on-the-fly page converters were written and employed.

Luckily, authors of WWW browsers (including Microsoft) noticed at last the existence of the official Internet standard for East Europe - the ISO-8859-2 charset. Recent versions of browsers can automagically translate pages from ISO-8859-2 to whatever standard your computer uses for displaying EE characters. So, all our pages are now in ISO, and they should display correctly on your screen - if not, it's time to upgrade your software.

There can be a problem if there are no East European fonts installed on your computer. In this case you would probably get garbage instead of polish letters. One solution is to get and install appropriate fonts, the other possibility would be to map missing characters to their latin counterparts. Currently only Lynx (as far as I know) is able to do such mappings. If you think your browser should be able to do this also, write your software vendor and request this feature.

For more information go to Polish Ogonki Page, you will find all you need there (but in Polish, no translation to English is available).

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