Hemivariational inequality approach to the dynamic viscoelastic sliding contact problem with wear


K. Bartosz, bartosz(at)elf.ii.uj.edu.pl   
       Jagiellonian University, Institute of Computer Science, Nawojki 11, 30-072 Cracow, Poland

Abstract. Dynamic contact problem of sliding contact with wear between a viscoelastic  body and a foundation is formulated as a hemivariational inequality. The contact is modeled with a general normal damped response condition which is nonmonotone, possibly multivalued and has the subdifferential form. We establish the existence of weak solutions by using a surjectivity result for a class of pseudomonotone operators. We also deliver conditions under which the solution of the evolution inclusion associated with the hemivariational inequality is unique.

Key words.  Contact problem, hemivariational inequality, subdifferential, wear, nonconvex, hyperbolic, viscoelasticity.

Pages: 24

Published: Nonlinear Analysis, 65 (3), (2006), 546-566.