AcerDET : a particle level 
fast simulation and reconstruction package 
for phenomenological studies on high pT physics at LHC


  El¿bieta Richter-W±s, Elzbieta.Richter-Was(at) 
       Jagiellonian University, Institute of Computer Science, Nawojki 11, 30-072 Cracow, Poland

Pages: 26

Abstract: This paper documents package for the particle level fast simulation and reconstruction, aimed to be applicable for the phenomenological studies of the high pT physics at LHC. It is aimed also to complete the AcerMC generator framework with the easy-to-use simulation and reconstruction algorithms. The AcerDET is a simplified version of the package called  ATLFAST, used since several years within ATLAS Collaboration. In the AcerDET version some functionalities of the former one have been removed, only the most crucial detector effects are implemented and the parametrisations are largely simplified. The package provides, starting from the list of particles in the event, the list of reconstructed jets, isolated  electrons, muons and photons and reconstructed missing transverse energy. Implemented set of parametrisations is not aimed for representing in details performance of neither ATLAS nor CMS detectors, some of them are so simply that could be considered more as place-holders only. Nevertheless, we believe it could be well adequate for some feasibility studies on prospects for the New Physics at LHC.

Available Files: (2323 K), AcerDET.pdf (840 K)