On the support image understanding during the software maintenance


L. Kotulski, kotulski(at)ii.uj.edu.pl 
       Jagiellonian University, Institute of Computer Science, Nawojki 11, 30-072 Cracow, Poland

       Artur Basiura, artur_basiura@drq.pl
       DrQ  LTD

Abstract. Software architectures are usually modelled and represented by informal diagrams such as UML. Graph grammars enable a high level of abstraction for general organization of software architectures, and form a basis for a various analysis and transformations. The possibility of nesting of object causes that the graph representing model of the system difficult to exemplification. In the paper we analyse relations occurring in the graph representing nested objects and we propose the formalism of flat-graph, wherein appears the only one layer representative from the class of the abstraction modelling the problem in the nested model. The operation of the flat graph synthesis (analysis) permits to illustrate connections in the model on the more general(detailed) level of abstractions. The solution is presented for UML’s diagrams and graphs generated under a control of the aedNLC graph grammar. Finally, the problem of the visualization of this structures in UML environment is considered.  

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