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Since 2018, I have been affiliated with the Jagiellonian University in Cracow, Poland spinning up a new atmospheric cloud simulation group with support from the Foundation for Polish Science and the Poland's National Science Centre.

In 2021, for one year, I had joined as a postdoc the group of Nicole Riemer at UIUC.

In years 2006-2015, I had completed my MSc, PhD and a postdoc at the aerosol-cloud modelling group of Hanna Pawlowska at Faculty of Physics, University of Warsaw, Poland. In years 2015-2018 I had worked out of academia (incl. a quantitative finance episode).

My research interests revolve around atmospheric cloud physics, computational modelling of clouds (in particular using particle-based techniques) and research software engineering (applied in Python and C++ projects).

I serve as a topical editor for the Geoscientific Model Development journal and co-organise the Particle-based methods for simulating atmospheric aerosol and clouds GMD/ACP inter-journal special issue.

Some of the academic events I have co-organised:

Research software I co-develop/maintain: PyPartMC, PySDM, PyMPDATA, GNU Data Language.


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