last modified: Jun 2017

  1. Professional experience
  2. Jul 2017 - now, Postdoc at UCSD, CSE department, under prof. Sean Gao
    Oct 2015 - Jul 2017, Postdoc at Rutgers -- The State University of New Jersey, Department of Mathematics, under prof. Konstantin Mischaikow
    Feb 2014 - Sep 2015, Postdoc at University of Warsaw, Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics and Mechanics, under prof. Piotr Mucha
    Sep 2013 - now, assistant professor (adiunkt), Jagiellonian University
    Ph.D. Studies, Computer Science, Jagiellonian University, academic year 2009 - 2013. Research topic: Computer Assisted Proofs and Rigorous Numeric for Partial Differential Equations. Supervision: prof. Piotr ZgliczyƄski.

  3. Invited international talks
  4. "Rigorous Integration Forward in Time of PDEs Using Chebyshev Basis" MS13 -- Computer Assisted Proofs in Dynamical Systems, Snowbird, SIAM DS2017
    "Proof of the heteroclinic connections in the 1D diblock copolymers model + some remarks on rigorous integration of PDEs." Rigorous Numerics for Infinite Dimensional Nonlinear Dynamics 17w5141, May 7 to May 12, Banff, AB, Canada, 2017
    "Lagrangian Reachability" CyberCardia annual meeting, UPenn, Philadelphia, Apr 2017
    "Computer proof of heteroclinic connection in 1D diblock copolymers PDE model" AIMS, Orlando, Jul 2016
    "Integration of PDEs.\\Computer proof of a heteroclinic connection" Computational Proofs for Dynamics in PDEs, Lorenz Center Leiden, Jun 2016
    "Rigorous integration of ODEs and PDEs" CyberCardia meeting, Stony Brook, Apr 2016
    "Stabilizing effect of large average initial velocity in forced dissipative PDEs..." ICMC Summer Meeting on Differential Equations, Sao Paulo, Brazil, Jan 2016
    "A construction of two different solutions to an elliptic system" CMS 2015 summer meeting - Rigorous Computation for Differential-Equation Problems workshop, Charlottetown, Jun 2015
    "Existence of globally attracting solutions..." Foundations of Computational Mathematics conference, Montevideo, December 2014
    "Some results on global attractors of certain parabolic PDEs and a 2D convection- diffusion PDE"Rigorously Verified Computing for Infinite Dimensional Nonlinear Dynamics (14w5098), Banff, September 2014
    Talks at special sessions SS78 "On the triviality of attractor of viscous Burgers equation...", SS19 "Existence of globally attracting solutions of the viscous Burgers equation..." 2014 AIMS Conference, Madrid, July 2014
    See record of all of my conference attendances

  5. Teaching experience
  6. Math 135 - Calculus I Spring 2017 at Rutgers
    Math 136 - Calculus II for Life Sciences or Social Sciences lecture Fall 2016 at Rutgers
    Honors Math 152 - Calculus II for the Mathematical and Physical Sciences lecture Spring 2016 at Rutgers

  7. Major seminar talks
  8. March 30, 2017, PRINCETON UNIVERSITY, DEPARTMENT OF MATHEMATICS, Analysis of Fluids and Related Topics

  9. Grants
    • 2014-02 -- 2015-10, Investigator in Polish National Science Centre grant no. 2011/03B/ST1/04780
    • 2011-12 -- 2013-12, leader of Polish National Science Centre grant for young researchers (Preludium) no. UMO-2011/01/N/ST6/00995, "Rigorous numeric and computer assisted proofs for dissipative partial differential equations".

  10. International workshops attended
  11. ICERM Providence "Computation in Dynamics" April 4-8, 2016
    American Institute of Mathematics "Rigorous computation for infinite dimensional nonlinear dynamics" 26 - 30 August 2013
    "Workshop in Rigorous Computations in Dynamics" Uppsala, Sweden, 17th and 18th of October 2011
    "School and Conference on Computational Methods in Dynamics" Trieste, Italy, 20.06.2011-08.07.2011
    "i-Math DocCourse: Computational Methods in Dynamical Systems and Applications" Barcelona University, Spain, 27.09.2010-19.12.2010.