Rafał Kawa, PhD, assistant
Departament of Computer Science,
Jagiellonian University, Cracow, Poland

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Instytut Informatyki UJ
ul.Nawojki 11/202
30-072 Kraków, Poland

(0 48 12) 632-33-55 ext.202

Master of Science in Mathematics - title of thesis: "Uogólniona funkcja pochodna" (The generalized derivative funcion) - Jagiellonian University 1988.

Master of Science in Computer Science - title of thesis: "Syntaktyczno-strukturalny system rozpoznawania zlożonych kształtów" (The Syntactic-Structural System for Recognition of Complex Shapes) - Jagiellonian University 1990.

Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Science - title of thesis: "Syntaktyczno-strukturalny system rozpoznawania złożonych kształtów wspomagany bazą wiedzy" (The system of syntactic and structural recognition of complex shapes supported by knowledge base) - University of Mining and Metalurgy, Department of Computer Science, 1999.

Programming, classical pattern recognition, syntactic pattern recognition, image processing, raytracing, computer graphics.

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