Cubical Persistet Homology via coreductions and inclusion maps

cubPers is my implementation of the Coreduction Homology Algorithm for persistence via inclusion maps for filtrations of full cubical sets in dimensions 2 and 3. The algorithm is also available as a part of the CAPD software library.


To use it you have to download source code, unpack it to a directory of your choice, go to the make subfolder and issue
   make all
command for Linux environment or
   make target=win all
for MS Windows environment. This compiles the package. The executable is then in bin subfolder.


The usage is
    cubPersMDZ2  filename
where filename denotes the name of a file containing a cubical filtration in the following format:
Here dim in the first line of the file stands for the dimension, which must be 2 or 3. The next lines contain size1, size2 (and size3 when dim-3), i.e. the sizes of the big cube enclosing the filtration. This is followed by size1*size2[*size3] lines, each containing the level of the particular cube on which it joins the filtration.
(c) Marian Mrozek, Kraków, 2010