An installation instruction of the program realizing the proof of the existence of homoclinic tangencies in forced-damped pendulum and the Henon map as described in the paper

D. Wilczak and P. Zgliczyński,

Computer assisted proof of the existence of homoclinic tangency for the Henon map and for the forced-damped pendulum


The program requires gcc-3.4 or newer. Earlier versions of gcc are not supported.

We tested the program under several Linux distributions, both 32 and 64 bit architectures, gcc-compilers and processors, in particular:

Installation instruction under linux on PC

  1. create an empty directory and copy the archive to this directory

  2. please unzip the archive
    tar xvfz homtan.tgz

  3. call 'make' program in the main directory.
    The last command generates two executables in the current directory: homtanHenon and homtanPendulum.

  4. We may run the programs
Both programs execute in the text mode hence the graphics environment is unnecessary.


There is no output files of the program. The program just verifies the covering relations and the cone conditions. In case a desired inequality is not verified, the program stops with a message about the error (which should not happen).


More informations about libraries can be found on the web page of CAPD group: