An installation instruction of the program realizing the proof of the existence of period doubling bifurcations in the R÷ssler system as described in the paper

D. Wilczak and P. Zgliczy˝ski, Period doubling in the R÷ssler system - a computer assisted proof


Additionaly, you can compile the program in parallel mode. In that case gcc-4.2 or newer and openMP library are required.

We tested the program under several Linux distributions and MS Windows XP, both with 32 and 64 bit architectures and different processors. If you have any problems with compiling the program, please send compiler logs to the following address:

Installation instruction under linux

  1. unzip the archive
    tar xvzf perdoubl.tgz
  2. You can build the program in two versions: for sequential and parallel computing. See system requirements for both of them.

  3. Call 'make' program in the main directory
    or use makefile.pll to build program in multithread version
    make -f makefile.pll
    Both commands generate an executable perdoubl in the current directory.

  4. We may run the program
The program executes in the text mode hence the graphics environment is unnecessary.


The program executes ca 3 days on typical 3GHz processor (in one thread). Therefore I recommend to run the program in the background on a remote fast computer and redirect the output of the program to a file:

./perdoubl > output &

In this case, the file output will contain logs of the program.

Installation instruction under MS WIndows with MinGW compiler
(Minimalist GNU for Windows -

  1. unzip the archive (using for example Total Commander)

  2. call 'mingw32-make' (note that the path to mingw/bin directory must be set in your system).
  3. The last command generates an executable perdoubl.exe in the current directory.


The archive contains four main directiories: include, src, prog and prog_parallel. The directories 'include' and 'src' contain part the CAPD of library, that is used by the program. More informations about libraries can be found on the web page of CAPD group:

The directories prog and prog_parallel contain files of the program realizing the proof of the existence of period doubling in the Rossler system in one-thread and multithread versions, respectively.