Tomasz Kapela
Job application
2005 - present Teaching Assistant at Jagiellonian University.
2009-2011 Postdoc position at Uppsala University, Sweden.
2001 - 2005 Teaching Assistant at Pedagogical University in Institute of Mathematics.
2002 - 2006 Lecturer of the Object Programming in the Malopolska School of Economy.
2005 Ph.D. in Computer Science, Jagiellonian University, Kraków (a diploma with distinction). 
Title: ”Choreografie w problemie N-cia³”.  Advisor: Piotr Zgliczyński
2001 - 2005 Ph.D. student, Institute of Mathematics, Jagiellonian University, Kraków.
2001 MSc in Mathematics, Pedagogical University, Kraków.
1999 BSc in Mathematics and Computer Science, Pedagogical University, Kraków.
June 2003 Workshop Variational Methods in Celestial Mechanics, Palo Alto, California.
Talk: "The computer assisted proofs of the existence of the simple choreographies in the N-body problem".
July 2003 International Conference on Differential Equations Equadiff 2003, Hasselt, Belgia.
Talk: "An existence of simple choreographies for the N-body problem - a computer assisted proof".
December 2003 Second Junior European Meeting on Control Theory and Stabilization, Turyn, Italy.
June 2004 First Control Training Site Workshop, Coimbra, Portugal.
Talk: "Non-symmetric choreographies"
November 2004 Mathematische Anwendungen in der Medizin, Oberwolfach, Germany.
June 2005 Foundations of Computational Mathematics , Santander, Spain. Talk: "Non-symmetric choreographies in the N-body problem".
June 2006 Dynamics, Topology and Computations ,Będlewo, Poland.
Talk: " Computer assisted proofs of choreographies existence."
July 2006 CTS-HYCON Workshop , Université Paris Sorbonne, Paris.
Talk: "A rigorous numerical algorithm for controllability".
July 2007
SciCADE 2007 , International Conference on SCIentific Computation And Differential Equations, Saint-Malo, France
Talk: "Stability of the Eight solution".
September 2007 Advanced School on Specific Algebraic Manipulators, Barcelona, Spain.
June 2008 FoCM'08 Foundations of Computational Mathematics, Hong Kong, China
Talk: "Rigorous integration of differential inclusions".
December 2008 Workshop on Stability and Instability in Mechanical Systems: Applications and Numerical Tools , Barcelona, Spain
June 2009 Dynamics, Topology and Computations - DyToComp 2009 , Będlewo, Poland
September 2009 INDAM Meeting: Theoretical and computational methods in nonlinear differential equations, Bertinoro, Italy
Talk: "Computer assisted proofs in the N-body equation.
October 2010 Computational Methods in Dynamical Systems and Applications, Universitat de Barcelona, Spain
January 2011 Winter School Mathematical and numerical methods for multiscale problems, Geilo, Norway
July 2011 School and Conference on Computational Methods in Dynamics,Trieste, Italy,
Talk: "Computer assisted proof of the KAM stability of the figure eight orbit in the N-body problem."
July 2011 Foundations of Computational Mathematics 2011, Budapest, Hungary,
Workshop: Computational Dynamics
October 2011 Workshop on Computational Dynamics, Uppsala, Sweden
Talk: "Rigorous KAM results around arbitrary periodic orbits for Hamiltonian systems"
March 2012 IV Developers Workshop on the Conley-Morse Database Project, Kauai, Hawaii, USA
Talk: "CAPD-DynSys - a toolbox for rigorous computational dynamics"
June 2012 Dynamics, Topology and Computations ,Będlewo, Poland.
Talk: "Rigorous KAM results around arbitrary periodic orbits for Hamiltonian systems"
June 2013 CAIMS 2013, Annual Meeting of the Canadian Applied and Industrial Mathematics Society, Quebec City, Canada
Talk: "Rigorous method for global dynamics of semelparous species"
July 2014 The 10th AIMS Conference on Dynamical Systems, Differential Equations and Applications Madrid, Spain
Talk: "KAM stability of the Eight"
September 2014 Second annual project meeting of the TOPOLOGICAL COMPLEX SYSTEMS project, IST Austria
Talk: "Rigorous methods for global dynamics of dynamical system"
November 2014 Toposys Applications Meeting KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden
June 2015 Dynamics, Topology and Computations 2015, Będlewo, Poland
Organizing committee
September 2015 TOPOSYS - Final project meeting, Kraków, Poland
Talk: "Towards effective rigorous computations for dynamical systems"
February 2016 Winter School on Computational Mathematics, Będlewo, Poland
Organizing committee
February 2017 Winter Workshop on Dynamics, Topology and Computations, Będlewo, Poland
Organizing committee
September 2017 CELMEC VII The Seventh International Meeting on Celestial Mechanics, September 3-9, 2017, San Martino al Cimino (Viterbo, Italy)
Talk: "KAM stability of the Eight".
February 2018 Winter Workshop on Dynamics, Topology and Computations, Będlewo, Poland
Organizing committee
June 2018 Dynamics, Topology and Computations - DyToComp2018, Będlewo, Poland
Organizing committee
Research grants
September 2003 - December 2003 Marie Curie Fellowship, Trimester on Dynamical and Control Systems, Triest, Italy.
October 2003 - September 2004 Stanisław Pigoń Scholarschip for outstanding Ph.D. students.
November 2004 -
January 2005
Marie Curie Fellowship, 3 months scientific stay in the University of Augsburg, Germany.
September 2004 - September 2005 Grant no 1 P03A 001 27 KBN (Polish Scientific Research Committee),
Choreographies in the N-body problem.
July 2003 - June 2006 Grant no 2 P03A 041 24 KBN (Polish Scientific Research Commitee),
Computational topology and dynamics.
Leading scientist : Marian Mrozek
October 2006 - September 2009 Grant no 27 N201 024 31/2163 of Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education,
Computer assisted proofs in dynamics of ODEs and dissipative PDEs.
Leading scientist : Piotr Zgliczyński
2010 - 2012 Grant no N N201 543238 of Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education,
Topological methods for invariant manifolds.
Leading scientist : Piotr Zgliczyński
October 2012 - September 2015 Grant 318493, EU 7th FP FET proactive,
TOPOSYS - Topological complex systems.
Leading scientist : Marian Mrozek
October 2015 - September 2020 Grant MAESTRO 2014/14/A/ST1/00453, National Science Centre, Poland,
Computational topological dynamics.
Leading scientist : Marian Mrozek
2015 - 2019 Grant MAESTRO 2015/19/B/ST1/01454, National Science Centre, Poland,
Geometric methods and rigorous numerics in Hamiltonian dynamics.
Leading scientist : Piotr Zgliczyński
2016- Grant 2016/21/B/ST1/02453, National Science Centre, Poland,
Arnold diffusion in the restricted three-body problem.
Leading scientist : Maciej Capiński