Windows 7 HACK - How to run programs as admin on restricted user account

I was given once task to run application on regular user account, which nedded to change register at the start. Simply I can Run is as administrator, but this is not the case, because there will be prompt for admin password, which I cannot handle to user. After little searching I found promisiong solution: on How-To Geek.

The solution in short is that you must create a Scheduled Task with highest privilages option turned on (use Task Scheduler from Administrative options in Control Panel) and then create a shortcut which runs this task (schtasks /run /tn "your_task_name"). But it is never so easy...


Cannot create Task with highest privilages on a regular user account. What we should do? Lat's create this task on administrator account. But after login on regular user account you cannot see and run this task. Hmmmm.


Create task on regular user account, then switch to admin, set the highest privilages box and save task. Now you can run your task on regular user account.

I wanted to post this solution in the orginal thread, as I hope this is the solution of many people posting on How-To Geek, but they closed the discussion. Therefore I put it here, maybe someone will find it usefull.