DMG-α source codes can be downloaded here:

source code (ver 0.1)


  • 31.03.2014 - first version of DMG-alpha online (ver 0.1)


This softawre is distributed under BSD Modified License

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How to cite

If using DMG-α in your project please consider citing the following:

TODO: include journal article when published

  • Project home page:

            author = {Szczelina, Robert},
            title = {DMG-Alpha project home page},
            url = {},
            year = {2014}
  • Bioinformatics Conference 2013 (SocBIN/BIT13) poster

            author = {Szczelina, Robert and Murzyn, Krzysztof},
            title = {Lipid bilayer analysis using 3D Voronoi diagrams},
            url = {},
            year = {2013}

3rd party software and dependencies

This software uses the following packages:

  • Voro++ uder BSD Modified Licence
  • Eigen under MPL2 Licence (from Eigen page: The MPL2 is a simple, file-level-copyleft license (meaning that the copyleft does not propagate across source file boundaries) which should allow use by all projects.)

The packages are provided in the distribution.

Python bindings and interface requires distutils, which are part of standard distributions of Python. In a cese when distutils are not present one may install them using preffered package manager. For example:

sudo apt-get install python-distutils

will install distutils on a Debian based systems (Debian, Ubuntu, PLD, etc.)


For c++ users, to test if the library compiles and to generate Voro++ library one need to invoke:

make all

in the main directory of the project

Python users should invoke:

python install


sudo python install

Python-dev package is required for C++ bindings to work. Installing python-dev on Debian based systems:

sudo apt-get install python-dev