High-order Lohner-type algorithm for DDEs with several delays

The equations investigated are: Mackey-Glass from J. Losson, M. C. Mackey, A. Longtin, Chaos 3(1993), No. 2, 167–176, and Rössler ODE from O.E. Rössler. An equation for continuous chaos. Physics Letters A, 57(5):397–398, 1976.

We prove existence of 3 periodic orbits (apparently unstable) for the Mackey-Glass equation, and the existence of symbolic dynamics in delay-perturbed Rössler ODE. The perturbation is small in amplitude, but the delay is relatively large (equal to 1).

The instructions for the compilation are included in README.txt file in the main directory of each archive. The source code contains bundled version of CAPD library for those who never used it and does not have it.

The source codes requires: C/C++ compiler with C++11 (C++0x) support, CAPD library and their dependencies. See CAPD page for details. For the convenience of the user the CAPD library is included with a script to make compilation easier.
Optional (recomended): gnuplot.

When refering to this work please consider citing:
Szczelina, R.; Zgliczyński, P.; High-order Lohner-type algorithm for rigorous computation of Poincare maps in systems of Delay Differential Equations with several delays., Submitted, [arxiv preprint]

Source codes can be downloaded here:

  • Source codes with CAPD library bundled (~300 MB) [.tar.gz]
  • The sorce codes are big, as they contain the data for the proofs. The unpacked archive contains ~1Gb of data.

Alternatively, you can download and use Docker Image (kind of Virtual Machine), that has the system used to run the programs for the paper and all the source codes compiled and ready to run. The image must be unpacked and installed in your Docker. You need to have Docker installed on your system.

  • Docker Image (ubuntu 20:04 LTS) (~1 GB) [.tar.gz]
  • The image is big. The unpacked archive takes up to 2.1 GB
  • Instructions for instalation are here