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The central object of the conference complex in Bedlewo is a nice mansion which is preserved in a good condition.

The interior of the mansion is clean and stylish.

All the meals are served in spacious dining rooms in the mansion.

A new conference center building is located next to the mansion.

The interior of the conference center is modern and spacious.

Extra armchairs and tables are put in the corners here and there, providing nice places to meet and chat on academic topics.

The lectures rooms are bright and cosy, providing good atmosphere for enjoying conference talks.

During breaks, people can rest in the fresh air at the benches in front of the conference center building.

A big and moderately maintained park is located behind the mansion.

Some parts of the garden are more arranged than others.

There are a lot of nice, old trees in the garden.

Paved trails are great for a short walk, even if it rains.

Wooden benches among grass fields are pleasant spots for meetings and discussion.

A pond with an island full of ruin-like decorations adds a note of unique atmosphere to the garden.

The island is a favorite place for loose conversations.

Indoor recreation is available in case of bad weather (a fee is charged for renting ping-pong paddles and a ball).

Equipment for testing practical applications of chaotic billiard dynamical systems is also provided (balls and sticks can be rented for a fee).

Bikes for rent are available if one wishes to explore the vicinity of the Bedlewo village.

We look forward to seeing you here!

Pictures and text © 2005-2006 by PaweĊ‚ Pilarczyk. All rights reserved.

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