The Lorenz Attractor
DyToComp 2009
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Koch Hans Non-Smooth Invariant Tori for Analytic Hamiltonians, and Computer-Assisted Proofs

Arai Zin Development and Applications of an Algorithm for Proving Structural Stability

Ashwin Peter Boundedness of orbits for cone exchange transformations

Barakat Mohamed Experiments with the package conley

Berz Martin Rigorous High-Order Enclosures of Manifolds, Homoclinic Points, and Symbolic Dynamics

Capinski Maciej Finding Normally Hyperbolic Invariant Manifolds Around L1 in the

Celletti Alessandra On the dynamics of nearly-integrable, dissipative systems

Ethier Marc Analysis of Singular Zones in Multidimensional Discrete Data

Ferrario DavideL Variational and topological properties of $n$-body minimizers

Frosini Patrizio Recent advances in multidimensional persistent topology

Galante Joseph Destruction of High Eccentricity Invariant Curves Through Comparison of Action

Galias Zbigniew Rigorous results on short periodic orbits for the Lorenz system

Gidea Marian A shadowing lemma for normally hyperbolic invariant manifolds and applications to the Arnold diffusion problem

Gierzkiewicz Anna Chaotic dynamics in isolating segments

Jaulin Luc speech_poznan_2009.pdf

Johnson Tomas Constructing planar vector fields with many limit cycles

Koch Hans Non-Smooth Invariant Tori for Analytic Hamiltonians, and Computer-Assisted Proofs

Kosiorowski Grzegorz Detecting periodic orbits: guiding functions and periodic segments}

Kulczycki Marcin AASP - a new kind of average shadowing

Kulaga Tomasz C++ application for hyperbolicity verification

MaierPaape Stanislaus (Re-)definition of connection matrices

Makino Kyoko High-Order Verified Flow Integrators based on Taylor Models

MirelesJames Jason Computation of Heteroclinic Branched Manifolds by Parameterization.

Oprocha Piotr Chaos and semiconjugacy arguments.

Prokopenya Alexander On Stability of Equilibrium Solutions in the Restricted Many-Body Problems

Roldan Pablo Arnold's mechanism of diffusion in the spatial circular restricted three-body problem: a semi-numerical argument.

Sergeraert Francis Algorithms for Topological Invariants

Simo Carles Obstructions to integrability of Hamiltonian systems using high order variational equations

Trevino Rodrigo On Automated Computer-Assisted Proofs in Dynamical Systems

Tucker Warwick A rigorous lower bound for the stability regions of the quadratic map

Wilczynski Pawel Topological entropy for local processes

Zgliczynski Piotr Periodic orbits for Kuramoto-Sivashinski PDE