BĘDLEWO, JUNE 4-10, 2006



Conference Program (140 kB)

Talk Abstracts (290 kB)

Talk Presentations

Maciej Capiński, Transition chains in the planar restricted elliptic three body problem (2 MB)

Pieter Collins, Computability in Dynamical Systems Theory (2 MB)

Sara Derivière, Dynamical System Frameworks for Surface Modeling and Image Recognition, Part II (300 kB)

Oliver Junge, Rigorous numerics for infinite dimensional maps (300 kB)

Tomasz Kaczynski, Multivalued Discrete Dynamical System Framework for Surface Modelling, Part I (400 kB)

Tomasz Kapela, Computer assisted proofs of choreographies existence (175 kB)

Stefano Luzzatto, A computer-assisted proof in one-dimensional dynamics (1.5 MB)

Stanislaus Maier-Paape, Rigorous numerics to verify heteroclinic connections (146 kB)

Carles Simó, How large are the stability regions around triangular points in the 3D RTBP (23 MB)

Thomas Wanner, On the Accuracy of Homology Computations for Nodal Domains (2.5 MB)

Piotr Zgliczynski, Rigorous numerics for dissipative PDEs (200 kB)

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